Free Comic Book Day 2005 and our 11th Anniversary

AL: So, Supergirl, how come you didn't come to earth as a baby like your cousin?
SUPERGIRL: Well, mostly because my city stayed intect and was blown right off the planet.

AL: Tell me how your related to Superman.
SUPERGIRL: We're cousins, our fathers were brothers.

AL: Who's idea was it to put on the big red "S"?
SUPERGIRL: My dad's, we watched cousin Kal-El through a deep space telescope and thought it would be good for me to follow his example.

AL: So how did the relationship with Lex Luthor work out?
SUPERGIRL:.next question

AL: Thanks for spending some time with us Supergirl.
SUPERGIRL: You're very welcome. I had a "super" time.

AL: Wait before you go, could you give us an example of your strength?
SUPERGIRL: Sure thing but real quick.

AL: Whoa! Easy does it Supergirl, we have a low ceiling in this place.
SUPERGIRL: Thanks for lunch.Up, up and away!!!


11th Anniversary Celebration

Another great anniversary celebration, each year just keeps getting better and better, thanks to all of you who showed up for the party. A great time was had by all, we're looking forward to our 12th year serving McHenry. Thanks to Steve, E.G., and Marty for helping us to celebrate, and thanks to everyone else who helped us behind the scenes, we couldn't do all of this without all of your help. Click here for our interview with Steve.

Steve Ditzell

E.G. McDaniel

Marty Binder

The Blue Lightning Band

Chicago Charlie and Dr. Vent

Did somebody say cowbell?

Sunshine of Your Love

Signing Autographs

Blue Lightning meets Al 'n Ann's

Hey, how did that get there?


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