Our Free Comic Book Day 2008 Gallery...for what it's worth.....

Welcome to the DARK SIDE, er um I mean Free Comic Book Day!

...and who do we have here? It looks like Comic Book Guy and Captain I Want A Cookie

It is the comic shop guy.

Cheesecake and just plain Cheese

I'll buy that for a dollar!

These are the collectibles you are looking for...

The Joker

The joker and some joker

Your gifts of flowers fail to compare to my gifts from the Dark Side

Listen kid, for the last time, midiclorians are not something a doctor can cure. Once you have them you're stuck with them for life.

I just don't know what to say.

When an unstoppable force meets a force master

Having finished "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret", earlier in the day, Darth decided to switch to some lighter reading.

Tod Browning would be proud

Wonder Woman has a Posse!

I seem to remember these gestures from my last physical.

The Joker and Oracle in happier times

It was either pose with him or listen to his constant whining

I always pictured Vader as a red balloon guy

Wonder Women

Dork Vader gets a hearty "Thumbs Up".

I told you, your flowers pale to my hand chokey thing

Sweeeeeet and not so much

Mooom, Vader's choking me with the force again...Moooom

Having heard enough of Cartman's whining for the day, they decide to take things into their own hands

of course, with smiling faces (at least I think Vader is smiling). We're always happy to see you at Al 'n Ann's

The melodrama is stong with this one

Our highly trained and courteous staff is alway ready to help you. See you at Free Comic Book Day 2009

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